news is new is news is
are are are are news is
old news not news is it so
old man is no man
old woman is no woman
desire inappropriate
the streets in the streets
news the news the there
is a fight going on
it will last very long
turn into something
somebody do not want it to turn into
in the beginning they sang

unconscious private property
unconsciousness private property
unconscious or p.p. 9-12
the knot, the body, the head
the hole, the noose, the sealed surface
or, but, instead of private
property and unconsciousness
but it’s here it’s there
the unconscious
we discarded it
as if as if not
we said we said

language, it’s incomplete
why appropriate
here is a statement
news is not news
language is not fixed
calf pulled out pulled out dead
we have all heard of it
but no one has ever seen one

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